REVEALED: The Secret about Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green Tea and Weight LossIs there really a link between green tea and weight loss?

Green tea is one of the most popular herbal products on the market.

It can help to improve your health generally in a number of ways, but this article is about one of it’s lesser known benefits.

The truth is, green tea can help you burn calories and therefore it can help you to lose weight.

Let’s not get carried away here.
If you eat lots of junk food and don’t exercise, drinking green tea will not make you lose weight.

So don’t stop your diet and quit exercising just yet.

Green tea is not going to do all the work for you.

But it can help.

There is a clear and proven link between green tea and weight loss.

That link is caffeine, but – and here’s the good bit – it’s caffeine without all the calories.

You probably know that caffeine is a stimulant and naturally helps you burn extra calories, but most drinks that contain it also contain a bunch of other stuff that counteracts the calorie burning effect.

Coffee, soda, and energy drinks fill your body with fat and calories as well as the caffeine, so they’re not going to help much!

But what if the effects of caffeine could be boosted without any of the nasty stuff?

Green Tea and weight loss


Well green tea contains something called epigallocatechin gallate, or ECCG.

The ECCG in green tea increases the effectiveness of the caffeine, so your body burns more calories.

So fewer calories in and more burned means that green tea is much more effective than other caffeine sources in helping you lose weight.

The link between green tea and weight loss is even stronger than it first appeared!

Green tea can help you burn around 70 or 80 extra calories a day.

It’s just a little boost, but every little helps, right.

But as we all know, every calorie counts!

If you did nothing but add green tea to your diet, then over the course of a year you would lose 8 pounds.

That’s not much, I know, but at the same time, it’s bad for such a small change. But if you want to lose pounds quickly, it’s clearly not the only answer.

What else can green tea do for you?

Green Tea and Weight LossWell, it’s an antioxidant, and that helps your cardiovascular health.

So green tea can help reduce the risk of heart problems.

It can also help improve your metabolism and control your cholesterol level

Some people claim that it can help your mental focus as well (but to be fair, I think the jury is still out on that one).

But it seems clear that replacing your coffee with green tea, will improve your general health and help you lose weight.

Whether you want to lose weight or not, why wouldn’t you give green tea a try?

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