Head Pain

Top 5 Avoidable Things That Can Trigger Head Pain!

Head Pain

Head Pain is one of those things that most people sometimes suffer from.

Sometimes we can readily identify the cause, whether it’s illness, injury, tension or alcohol (to name but a few).

But if you or someone you  know suffers from regular head pain, you will already know that there can be many different types of headache, and there can be many different triggers.
It’s important to understand those triggers to help prevent that head pain.

Painkillers are great for treating the symptoms, and sometimes they are exactly what’s required. However, they don’t necessarily treat the underlying cause.

Sometimes it will take a change to your lifestyle to eliminate the triggers and therefore prevent head pain.

If you have regular and severe pain, then of course, a trip to the doctors is recommended, but there is plenty you can do for yourself. Your doctor will be able to check for any underlying medical cause, but often the trigger is not medical.

So how can you help reduce the risk?

If your head pain is triggered by diet or lifestyle, then try changing things, and checking the results.

1. Alcohol and Caffeine

It’s always a good start to reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption, and in some cases, this may be enough.

If your consumption of either of these is high, reduce it over a period of a week or a month to avoid any negative reaction to the change (which can itself be a cause of head pain!)

2. Dehydration

Dehydration plays a part in many people’s head pain. It’s one of the main reasons for headaches after alcohol!
Make sure you always take plenty of fluid. Here are some tips for avoiding dehydration

3. Bad Diet

Be sure to eat regularly and as healthily as you can.
Don’t put your body through an extreme diet or a fast. Just learn to eat well, and make sure you eat regularly.

Think about your diet, and keep a diary. This will help you to identify any patterns, (eg always getting a headache after certain foods, of after missing meals etc) and to do something about them!

4. Bad sleep patterns

Get enough sleep.
That’s of course easy to say and for some people, not so easy to do, but it’s important for your overall health and for head pain in particular that you sleep well. Try to get into good sleep patterns – try to go to sleep and to awake at the same time each day! Oversleeping can be as bad as not getting enough!

5. Stress

Most people know that stress is a major factor in some types of head pain.

But some people do stressful jobs, or lead stressful lives and it can be hard to relax. It is, however, important to find a way. Click here for some relaxation techniques you might like to try.


There are some simple things you can do to reduce the risk or severity of headaches.

Of course, sometimes there are medical reasons, and you should always seek professional help, but understanding the type of head pain, and any triggers can only help in your treatment.

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