Headache treatment

Headache treatment can take many forms

headache treatment

Remember that a lot of people suffer from headaches.

And there are also many forms of headache treatment that cab either stop the headache altogether, or at least. ease the pain.

This article discusses a few of the options

Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine

Pain medications available ‘over the counter’ (without a prescription) are often used in headache treatment.

For occasional minor pain, they are a perfectly adequate solution, but you shoul dbear in mind that pain medications do exactly what they say. They treat the pain, They do not treat the root cause of that pain.

You need to understand your headache better to treat the root causes effectively.

If you’re using over the counter medication, take care to follow the instuctions carefully, be sure notto exceed the stated dosage, and in symtoms persist, consult your medical practitioner. If you use more than one type of medication, be sure to check the active ingredients to be sure you’re not accidentally exceeding the recommended dosage.
Also, be wary of long term usage. This can reduce the effectiveness of the medication as your body becomes use to it, and you can develop other medical problems as a result, sometimes worse than the headache you’re treating!

Natural Medicine

natural Medicine

There are a range of natural remedies for a whole variety of conditions.
In general, you are very likely to find a natural medicine approach to healing your headache problems, but you should either do your research or consult a practitioner. Often, you’ll need to take several herbal treatments for several different symptons, in order for your headaches to die down. For example, you may just have a chemical imbalance.
Make sure that you do your research and find ways to use natural medicine to help you with your headaches, and also with some related issues.

Most of the time you are able to deal with the triggers and the headaches will stop.


Traditional Treatments

Ayurvedic treatmentIncreasingly, patients are seeking traditional medicine solutiongs for headaches.

Some examples of traditional headache treatment are:


Often, you may end up getting a headache because you have consumed certain foods or drinks, or because you’ve inhaled fumes (eg paint or cleaning fluid of some sort).
If you keep a diary of you headaches and what you were doing, or what you ate or drank just before, then you should see a pattern emerge.

The most effective headache treatment is to avoid the things that cause the headaches in the first place!

Help Me Understand My Headaches

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